How To Understand The Dynamics Of Relationships Using Transactional Analysis

transaction analysis

Positive strokes consist of praise, accolades, and commendation. They are verbal and nonverbal expressions of appreciation and value. If people are to thrive as individuals, according to Berne, they need strokes. Just as transactions are units of exchange, strokes are units of interpersonal recognition. Counselors focus on this aspect of TA to assist people in the process of reversing unhealthy patterns of stroking.

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These ego states explain, in entirety, the thoughts, feelings and behaviours exhibited by a person at any given time. Berne repeatedly observed that people change throughout a conversation. These shifts are not only verbal but also involve facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal changes. However, as adults, these needs have been adapted to be satisfied in different ways – predominantly through recognition. Inspired by the pioneering work of Psychoanalyst Rene Spitz in his study of abandoned infants and child development, Berne proposed that a baby’s need for physical nurturing persists into adulthood.

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We often hear people speak of things being ‘taken the wrong way’ or people ‘biting our heads off’. In group TA settings, three stages are identified; initial, working, and final. In the initial stage, rapport is developed and better bookkeepers contracts for change identified. The working stage allows for analysis of games and restructuring of life scripts. These choices become a pattern resulting in a preconscious life script designed to reaffirm the life position.

Structures and Dynamics of Organizations and Groups examined the same analysis in a broader context than one-on-one interaction. His seminar group from the 1950s developed the term transactional analysis to describe therapies based on his work.

What is critical parent ego state?

The Parent ego state is comprised of the Critical and the Nurturing. This state is built out of your experience and interactions with parents, mentors, and people who you look up to. The way they treat others in terms of correction, reinforcement, and training determines how you pass that along to others.

All three ego states—Parent, Adult, and Child—are important for healthy functioning; no single ego state should dominate the others. A company adjusting entries can recognize an accrued expense as incurred or wait until payment. This decision depends on the preference of company officials.

These ‘unconscious scripts’ hold us back, and we repeat behaviours, thoughts and feelings. This article will show you how to use Transactional Analysis to improve your relationships and interactions with other people. It will help you understand why you have become the person you are today and how this affects the way you relate to others. Well, according to the theory of Transactional Analysis, these disturbances happen when people are communicating from different parts of their personality, known as ‘ego states’.

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The content of the discussion is irrelevant, as long as the ego states remain complementary. In both transactions, everyone is happy and feels listened to and appreciated. In a complementary transaction, reasonable, effective, healthy and harmonious communication takes place. Transactions occur when the ego states of two people interact.

One person initiates the communication and the other replies . We must not overlook the advantages of the Child ego state for it brings ignite spot accounting spontaneity, creativity and pleasure. Those who find themselves living a deeply solemn life may struggle to activate their Child.

transaction analysis

Transactional Analysts will pay attention to all of these cues when analyzing a transaction and identifying which ego states are involved. Some transactions involve ego states other than the Adult. According to Dr. Berne, the simplest transactions are between Adults recording transactions ego states. For example, a surgeon will survey the patient, and based upon the data before him/her, his/her Adult decides that the scalpel is the next instrument required. The surgeon’s Adult holds out his/her hand, providing the transactional stimulus to the nurse.

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A structural diagram represents the complete personality of any individual. It includes the Parent, Adult, and Child ego states, all separate and distinct from each other. The diagram was developed by Eric Berne before Games People Play when he was developing his theories of Transactional Analysis. In this example, Sally’s Adult reached the conclusion that data in her Parent was valid. Her Parent had been taught “always turn pot handles into the stove, otherwise you could get burned.” And with her analysis of her brother’s experience, her Adult concluded that this was indeed correct. Close to one year of age, a child begins to exhibit gross motor activity. The child learns that he or she can control a cup from which to drink, that he or she can grab a toy.

Depending on the situation, we operate from one or another of the three positions. The person we are communicating to is also operating from one of the three states. Some communications can work well between states, and some work much less well.

transaction analysis

It is worth noting that, while recording these events, the young child has no way to filter the data; the events are recorded without question and without analysis. One can consider that these events are imposed on the child.

In Part 2, we’ll look at ulterior transactions and the hidden meaning behind words. The best way to learn and develop your understanding of Transactional Analysis is to apply it to your everyday existence and see what you notice. By stepping into a different ego state than anticipated, the response fundamentally changes the dynamic of the communication. In this article, we will look at complementary and crossed transactions. Transactional Analysis comes to life when we note which ego states were responsible for our interactions because we can then understand why things go great or why they fail.

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Furthermore, a reason for the low level of self-esteem among the imprisoned women can be attributed to the prison conditions and environment. In addition, the prisoners’ isolation and being away from their families, fear of rejection in society, and lack of social protection during and after their sentence are among some other effective factors. Alavi showed that Iranian female prisoners had a moderate level of self-esteem. Alavi also introduced low self-esteem as a predictive factor of drug abuse, robbery, and prostitution . Moreover, Kamoyo reported that self-esteem was at a moderate level among the Kenyan female prisoners . The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of TA group-training on the self-esteem of imprisoned women. The results showed that the majority of female prisoners were at low levels of self-esteem before implementing the group-training program, which is consistent with the findings of many studies.

What is a crossed transaction?

A transaction in which the transactional vectors are not parallel, or in which the ego-state addressed is not the one which responds. Credit.

They are also empowered with more enthusiasm and eagerness to face new successes . Therefore, individuals’ “self-interpretation and ego state” can be considered as an effective factor in their self-esteem.

Considering the rapid increase in the number of women prisoners, many studies have been conducted to understand their unique needs. Women are often integral to families and the community health depends on them to a large degree, but many of them are faced with numerous unsolved problems and conflicts.


This means that we might not be fully present in our conversations. In other words, we’re subconsciously interrupted by a past experience which is impacting on our current behaviour. A breakdown in communication is a common occurrence all of us can relate to.

By identifying and defining a transaction, Berne provided to the psychotherapeutic sciences the “atom” that was needed to allow for rigorous analysis. While there were many theories purporting to explain human behavior before Eric Berne, the most frequently cited and known is the work of Sigmund Freud. Freud emerged in the early 20th century with his theories about personality. Freud believed that personality had three components, all of which must work together to produce our complex behaviors. These three components or aspects were the Id, Ego, and the Superego. It was Freud’s belief that these three components needed to be well-balanced to produce reasonable mental health and stability in an individual. You need to be attuned to what’s actually happening in a conversation and the needs of each person .

Another example is „The Blame Game,“ an attempt to shift responsibility from one person or group to another. Berne went on to discuss other types of transactions, but those will not be discussed here. Once a reasonable understanding of ego ledger account states and Transactional Analysis has been achieved, the games as described in Games People Play can be understood at a whole new level. It is important to note that when analyzing transactions, one must look beyond what is being said.

This is based on our childish understanding of parental rules and understandings. I think owners equity in transaction no. 7 is decreased due to Drawings but not the revenue. The business’ Profit or Loss equals the Revenues – Expenses.

Some scripts are tragic, some banal, and others are healthy. Changing these self-limiting choices that form the life script is the goal of the psychotherapeutic process of TA. A common technique for doing so involves changing decisions made within the Child state . Undesirable or dysfunctional behavioral interactions earned the title of Games within TA. Games are defined by Berne as sets of often repetitious transactions with hidden or ulterior motives that result in predictable, well-defined outcomes. When in a Child state, individuals act like “the child they once were,” with the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors they once experienced. Individuals actually think, see, hear, and react as they may have as children.

High or low self-esteem causes numerous positive and negative effects on humans. Individuals with high self-esteem are always dutiful and responsible; such characteristics are created as the consequence of awareness about one’s actions and behaviors . On the other hand, individuals with low self-esteem ignore their goals much more easily and move through the direction determined by others . Self-esteem is an important factor for the individual’s progress and success throughout life. Individuals with positive evaluation of their characteristics have different great goals.

Fourth, the therapist was not permitted to conduct the therapeutic sessions in a separate room. The only available space was a room next to the jailer’s office. Furthermore, some security staff attended the ongoing sessions. These factors disturbed the privacy of the intervention group. Fifth, the results might have changed in the case that the control group received some kinds of training, such as strengthening the back muscles or excersizing. In this way, both groups would have women with comparable mean scores. The covariance analysis test to control the impact of pretest on the self-esteem of women prisoners are presented in Table 4.

transaction analysis

Many of the criticisms of the “science” behind psychotherapy was the fact that there was no basic unit for study, measurement, and classification. For example, the study of chemistry was revolutionized with the atomic theory of John Dalton; without the atom as a fundamental unit, the advancement of chemistry as a science would have proceeded slowly or not at all.

A transactional analysis approach to the categorization of corporate marketing behavior. From Berne’s perspective, the adversely affected children in Spitz’s studies exhibited physical and emotional deficits due to a lack of strokes.