6. Suggesting Characteristics About Your Targeted Audience

6. Suggesting Characteristics About Your Targeted Audience

And remember things are changing all the time. A few weeks ago Facebook decided to ban all Cryptocurrency and ICO related ads .

4. Using an Incorrect Destination URL

Your landing page must be relevant to the ad copy and image. If you’re offering to take people to a fitness blog and instead they land on a dating app download, it’s like talking about Fight Club: you’re going to be rejected and possibly booted.

This can also get messed up by something as simple as a typo in your destination URL. If a person can’t load the page, it hurts a user’s experience.

5. Using a Non-Compliant Landing Page

Your landing page must be functional, without crazy amounts of pop up windows, malware, or scripts which prevent people from backing out of your site.

You should also list out your business’s address, e-mail, phone number, and relevant information to your industry such as FTC compliance disclaimers and so forth.

Instructions should be crystal clear and impossible to misunderstand. If it contains misleading information about your product, you’re asking for trouble.

Your landing page must also be in line with your actual ad. Offering anything other than what was mentioned in your ad is possible grounds for rejection and/or an account ban. In other words, don’t offer a fitness product and then try to sell people on a cryptocurrency.

Remember, Facebook wants people to have a good overall experience. Weiterlesen

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