Charlotte Latin girls give a TEDx talk

Charlotte Latin girls give a TEDx talk

We came across Tom Dubick about a year ago at hackerspace charlotte, nc. He shows engineering towards the girls at Charlotte Latin class, and then we think their course had been the first ever to be utilizing the Raspberry Pi in the usa.

He and a team of their pupils that are 13-year-old simply provided a TEDx talk called exactly just exactly just How Girls Should provide Raspberry Pi. Girls listed below are presenting the tasks they’ve created using Raspberry Pi over this semester, but there’s another essential message right right here: we realize that STEM topics are not merely for males, but we ought to recognise that only a few girls are exactly the same, so our teaching approach is condemned whenever we decide that the only method to get girls into engineering topics would be to “shrink it and red it”.

Keep viewing – the jobs improve and better. (Rolling backpack indicator lights FTW! )

This will make a refreshing modification.

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