Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Filthy, Predatory Finances.The son of this belated titan that is evangelical

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Filthy, Predatory Finances.The son of this belated titan that is evangelical

The son associated with the belated evangelical titan may be embroiled in a scandal designed for reality television, however it’s not quite as tawdry as their Trumpian road to riches.

The instantly fall of Jerry Falwell Jr. from high evangelical elegance seems in a variety of ways just like a Trump-era gloss in the fabled preacher sex scandals which have dogged our self-appointed Protestant moralists throughout the era that is modern. In place of absconding having a church assistant like Jim Bakker or patronizing sex employees like Jimmy Swaggart, Falwell Jr. presumably upped the scandal ante by getting a threesome together with spouse, Becki, and a pool kid. And in the place of adjourning straight into the fleshpots of urge, Falwell Jr. elected, apparently, to view; in a conservative motion very very long provided to deriding betrayers associated with the one true faith as virtual cucks, Falwell Jr. made a decision to opt for the genuine thing.

Whenever photo proof of the junior Falwell’s predilections surfaced, their perch atop the billion-dollar Liberty University kingdom he inherited from their dad had been swiftly threatened.

For connoisseurs of US spiritual scandal, there is a weird karmic symmetry to all of it, since Jerry Falwell Sr. had assisted broker an integral institutional alliance between their Southern Baptist denomination plus the competing Pentecostalist faith as he assumed control of the beleaguered (and debt-ridden) preaching franchise of Jim Bakker, disgraced by his very own dalliances with Jessica Hahn straight back when you look at the 1980s.

But as is frequently the situation with this name-brand Protestant preaching franchises, the salaciousness is basically a sideshow—and at this point, a fairly depressingly familiar one. It’s certainly not any longer surprising to see Falwell fils hoisted by their own tumescent petard than it had been to learn circa 2016 that his primary governmental ally, Donald Trump, had been a serial intimate assaulter. Weiterlesen