Hazards In The Workplace

Both broad and industry-specific workplace hazard controls for COVID-19 have been proposed to minimize risks of disease transmission in the workplace. The impact of technologies on health and safety is an emerging field of research and practice.

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Health impacts as a result of biological, chemical, physical, safety and ergonomic hazards can have significant impacts on an individual’s wellbeing. For example, exposure to a blood-borne virus as a result of a sharps injury can result in months of stress and anxiety for the individual involved and their family. Therefore, almost all of the hazards outlined in this article could also result in psychosocial impacts.

This document will not replace the need for such professional expertise in certain situations. It is intended to serve only as useful guidance as to the basic considerations and operational aspects involved in the conduct of hazard determinations.

Incorrect use and storage of these substances can result in a range of serious health and safety risks. For example, skin and respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness, sickness, occupational asthma, cancer and fire hazards. However, if you are responsible for managing the health and safety in your workplace, it’s important that you understand the difference between them.

Machines have moving parts, sharp edges, hot surfaces and other hazards with the potential to crush, burn, cut, shear, stab or otherwise strike or wound workers if used unsafely. It contrasts, for example, with the promotion of health and safety at work, which is concerned with preventing harm from any incidental hazards, arising in the workplace. This guidance document will not provide detailed methods that must be followed. However, a basic framework for hazard determination is provided, along with a description of a process that can be used to comply with the requirements of the HCS.

  • On April 28 The International Labour Organization celebrates „World Day for Safety and Health“ to raise awareness of safety in the workplace.
  • There are currently no specific OSHA standards for occupational health professionals.
  • These pose numerous HSE hazards and a lack of basic understanding of their operations could lead to mishaps—sometimes with major consequence.
  • Provides links to conferences, meetings, discussion lists, blogs, journals and other resources for occupational health professionals.

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The opportunities for improving health and safety through use of augmented reality are now endless. New technologies and ways of working introduce new risks and challenges for WHS and workers’ compensation, but they also have the potential to make work safer and reduce workplace injury. OSHA also has a Strategic Partnership Program that zeros in on specific hazards or specific geographic areas. OSHA manages Susan B. Harwood grants to non-profit organisations to train workers and employers to recognize, avoid, and prevent safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Grants focus on small business, hard-to-reach workers and high-hazard industries. DGFASLI is the technical arm of the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India and advises the factories on various problems concerning safety, health, efficiency and well – being of the persons diet for weight loss at work places. The DGFASLI provides technical support in formulating rules, conducting occupational safety surveys and also for conducting occupational safety training programs.

The rest of this article focuses on hazards, including where they might be found in different workplaces. We also provide you with a range of further resources to make your risk assessment process as smooth as possible. When we refer to hazards in relation to occupational safety and health the most commonly used definition is ‘A Hazard is a potential source of harm or adverse health effect on a person or persons’. Many countries‘ health and safety at work arrangements are currently focused on protection against the spread of COVID-19.