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If you only want to view symbols still on public land you will need to exclude removed ones. That data set is available to download for research and exploration. This edition includes information about the sponsor of each monument or other symbol, if it could be determined. This information is included in the aforementioned data sources.

Since the 2015 Charleston church massacre, many communities have removed Confederate monuments or renamed schools bearing Confederate names. In this edition, researchers noted the year of such removals and name changes after confirming the change with at least one source. Also, in an attempt to create the most comprehensive dataset of current and past Confederate monuments, we included monuments and other symbols that were removed before 2015.

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A monument was only considered removed/name changed if the action had already been taken or if a firm date had been Additional reading. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Directx available to download here. established. Monuments that were added to this edition of the report were discovered through crowd-sourcing, recent newspaper articles, new city and state surveys of monuments on public land, and private sources. The SPLC initiated an online call for submissions in April 2016 as a way of capturing symbols that were missed or reported in error in the first edition.

Readers submitted 853 different entries through an online form , as well as corrections for symbols that were erroneously included in the first edition. Excluded from this count in this survey were thousands of monuments, markers, names or other tributes located on or within battlefields, museums, cemeteries or other places that are largely historical in nature. Markers that appeared to be approved by historical commissions were also excluded. In 2015, North Carolina state lawmakers voted to remove Aycock and replace him with a statue of evangelist Billy Graham. At the time, Graham was still alive and therefore ineligible.

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You can also leave info about a place, like if it’s quiet, lively, or romantic. It doesn’t have to be well-known places either, it can be the player’s own neighbourhood if they’ve always believed that their streets would make for a good Pac-Man level. If they manage to stumble across a particularly good map then they’ll be able to share it with others and challenge them to beat their highscore. If you’d like to suggest a change or addition to the data, please fill out this form. If you filter by a single column to find out how many symbols are in a particular state, for example, it will include ones that were removed.

  • Solar Returns are therefore not as sensitive as most of the other techniques mentioned here, and a good predictive method to use in these cases.
  • Astrologers who want to explore the charts of people born centuries ago will run into additional issues.
  • In fact, standard hours were conceived of in the 13th century, when Abul Hassan introduced the idea of making all hours of equal length, and only in the 15th century were equal hours in general usage.
  • ZET’s main features are an interactive, mouse-sensitive natal chart, and full dynamic ability – synchronous redrawing of all tableaux, diagrams, and tables following changes in time.

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In 2017, for example, Alabama enacted the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, which prohibits local governments from removing, altering or renaming monuments more than 40 years old. These markers, except in a handful of cases, are not counted in this survey. But they bear attention because of their ubiquity and because some appear to be part of a wider effort by their sponsors to mythologize and glorify the Confederacy. Some removals were highly contentious, like in New Orleans, where the city in 2017 removed three prominent statues honoring Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard.