Luca Hall. Zoey had been dating Aaron during the exact same time.

Luca Hall. Zoey had been dating Aaron during the exact same time.

Luca Hall

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He could be a fashion major at Cal U. He and Zoey became fast friends and quickly began to date. As soon as the guys discovered, they both called it off. After, Zoey and Cash’s relationship ended Zoey needed to select from Luca and Aaron. Zoey picked Luca, and so they have actually held it’s place in a relationship since. Luca is Zoey’s friend that is best and may maybe not stay Aaron.

A form of art and fashion design pupil at Cal-U, Luca is a set spirit that is back free a fondness for weed, kimonos and bands. He initially befriends Zoey Johnson once they both attend a midnight course and through a shared love of fashion. He often provides her wise-beyond-his-years advice that serves to sooth her periodic freak outs. They began dating until it had been revealed that Zoey had been playing both Luca and Aaron Jackson and over time where neither were talking to her, their relationship continued. After viewing her crash and burn in a brief relationship with celebrity athlete Cash Mooney and competing with he and Aaron for Zoey’s affections, Luca fundamentally wins Zoey’s heart plus they come into a relationship at the conclusion of Season 1.

Luca’s origins stay a secret, but during the period of periods 1 and 2, components of their family members life and idiosyncrasies that are personal revealed. A snippet of conversation with Zoey reveals that his daddy is an alcoholic, which in turn causes Luca to be concerned about how it will impact the sleep of their life. He’s well-traveled, has a weird curiosity about wild birds and is apparently a loner in the middle his periodic moments of spending time with the remainder of their and Zoey’s team.

Presently in Season Two, he and Zoey will work through their relationship pains that are growing but stay strong within their dedication to one another while navigating the faculty experience. Weiterlesen