John Friend Anusara Scandal: Within The Wiccan ‘Sex’ Coven

John Friend Anusara Scandal: Within The Wiccan ‘Sex’ Coven

A previous person in John Friend’s Wiccan coven details their sexually charged rituals—and describes why she left Anusara.

Lizzie Crocker

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On a chilly New Year’s Eve last year, John Friend—the popular and charismatic founder of Anusara yoga—lay naked on a bearskin rug right in front of a blazing fire at their house within the Woodlands, Texas, while three underwear-clad ladies hovered over him, massaging their human body with sweetly scented oil. One applied their mind, throat, and shoulders, another labored on their arms, while a 3rd applied their internal legs and region that is pelvic her entire body writhing sinuously to your new-age sitar melodies playing into the back ground.

Buddy had invited the ladies, all Anusara employees, towards the Woodlands to commemorate winter months solstice,

A day that is“high honored beneath the contemporary pagan faith of Wicca. Weiterlesen